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Hello everyone,

The first thing I should do is introduce myself. My name is Maureen. I live on Comboyne Rd and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I think we have a lovely area of N.S.W. and the community here is one of the best I’ve ever been involved with.

ML - garden, citrus.JPG

My first wish, when I came here, was to create a self-sufficiency type lifestyle. I joined the Landcare group, Killabakh garden club, and the Manning Organic Gardening Group.

I was on my way!

However, before I had settled in properly, my cousin gave me a house cow. I had to run around organizing fencing! Then I was given some chickens – I had a house of sorts, but when the neighbour across the road complained of them getting into their vegetable garden – I had to quickly organize a run for them. When I was given a couple of kid goats – I was at the end of my tether – and so were they!

ML garden, chooks.JPG

There is nothing like learning the hard way – now I try to prepare before I move into more stock.

Now the reason I mention that? Well the cows have gone – they are in the freezer. My first lot of hens fell foul (bad pun!) of a fox. And now I have my son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren on the property and we’ve added two horses.

It never ceases to amaze me that city folk shake their heads in wonder and comment – “Why are you hiding in the country! You must be bored!”

I’m sure all of you know that that just isn’t possible, especially within this community. You only have to look at the activities at the Killabakh hall to find something to do (if you have any spare time at your disposable) – from exercise class, to art lessons, to garden excursions, morning teas, craft group and games and film nights.

My life has also become extremely busy. Not only do I garden, teach music and coax honey from my bees; I have now turned to writing books.

But that’s another story!

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