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Day In The Country - 2 September 2023

Animal Sculpture Competition


Entries open 5 August and close 19th August

There are 3 prizes available, entries will be judged by Wormbiz*

Sculptures will be on display at the hall from 19th August,

or out the front of your home from 5th August until 2nd September.

All entries will be on display until the end of Day in the Country.

Big ones can be displayed out the front of your property so that

they are visible from the road. If you submit your sculpture online

before 19th August they will be entered onto the online sculpture map, for people to do driving tours prior to the Day in the Country.

Entries that can be moved to the Hall for display should be brought for installation on Saturday 19th August from 10am to 1pm.

Please register your “Animals in the Paddock” entry by:

• Filling in the form below (so we can display online)

• Or, sending an email to

(include Your Name, Title of Work, Address, Phone, Email, Description, Materials)

Letting us know about your sculpture helps us promote the Day in the Country

+ means we can add you to the sculpture map

+ it enters you into the competition to win the awesome Wormbiz prizes

Winners announced on the 2nd September


A Ute Load of Worm Castings valued at $300
$50 Bunnings Voucher
Prizes donated by
and Bunnings
The Animal Sculpture Competition is Proudly Sponsored by WormBiz

The Categories

We have two categories of entries and prizes. Big ones and Small ones. The Big ones will be displayed out the front of your property and will also be listed on an Animal Sculpture Map that will be available below for people to do art tours of the area during the course of the exhibition. The Small ones will be displayed out the front of the Hall and remain there for the duration of Day In The Country and the week prior to align with the opening of the Art Show. 

Catetory 1:

BIG ones - at least 2 meters high.

To be displayed out the front of

your property and included on our

tour map by the 19th August.

Catetory 2:

Small ones - under 1 meter high.

To be taken to the hall for display

by 5pm on the 19th August.

Follow the Leader
Follow the Leader



In Art Show Room

Bottle caps, wire, buttons

Marshmallow- the goose that thinks he is a cow
Marshmallow- the goose that thinks he is a cow



At front of Hall on the fence

Tin, screws, wire

Marshmallow is an official resident of the Ingleton Farm. He lives his best life with a cow herd which he follows everywhere. You can spot the real Marshmallow on Alfred Rd in the wetlands or in the paddocks- but always with his herd.

Big Boomer
Big Boomer



Out front of their property

Wire, sticks and bark

Big Boomer was created with the help of all the family.

Constructed with the use of natural material from the surrounding landscape.

Photo images can be provided via email in the near future for the website.

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong



In Art Show Room

Air dry clay and paint

Grug at the Day in the Country
Grug at the Day in the Country



On Ted Prior's table with Grug

Air dry clay, paint, natural materials

Celebrating Grug at the Day in the Country and also Grug's wonderful author Ted Prior, a local to the Killabakh area. Grug was my favourite book series as a child and I now enjoy reading these books to my children.

Country Creatures
Country Creatures



In Art Show Room

Wire / Timber / Concrete

The base of the artwork is a 70+ year old timber post from the property of one of the original pioneers of Killabakh Don McKay. The individual “Country Animals” are all made from intertwined wire.

The animal hunter
The animal hunter



In Art Show Room

clay, paint and natural materials




In Carol's front yard

Rock and Rusty Steel

"Chisel" is made out of an old chisel plough and a rock I found on the beach. He is too heavy to move. hoping you will except him in Cat.1
He is in our front garden and can be seen from the road.

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