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Yoga Class

Yoga class at Killabakh began as a Men's only group but has since been opened up for all who are interested. We currently have men and women at both beginner and intermediate levels. Classes are held every Thursday 8.15-9.30am.


The focus is on breathing and learning to listen to your own body's needs rather than comparing oneself with other people. The beginners level yoga poses are noticeably increasing flexibility, strength and balance in our yogis. New beginners are welcome to start anytime and won't feel out of place. More experienced practitioners will be able to work to their own level.


There are spare mats if you want to just try it out. Bring a cushion and a blanket. Like all the Hall activities, classes are just $2.

Enquire to join:
Enquiries will be directed to Trudy Alm

Thanks for your enquiry, Trudy will respond when she reads her emails.

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