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9 300 697 110 015




Plywood and oils, with schllac

Artist's Links

120cm (W) x 60cm (H) x 0.5cm (D)

Artist's Statement & About The Artwork

Hello, my name is Tim Nash and I live and work in Newcastle, Australia
I remember when I was very young being fascinated by abstract art and art in general. To me it has always
been familiar, However, art or design was never really part of my life till much later in life, when I abandoned
a career in Auto Electrics to peruse one in graphic design in my early thirties.
I spent 12 years studying and practicing as a graphic designer honing my love of art and design while becoming adept at digital art,
From this career, you may see some of the design influences in my paintings.
From there I utilized what I learned in design to painting, an ongoing life obsession.
My style is forever changing and reflecting emotional responses to my landscape both inside and out

The painting: 9 300 697 110 015

Painted on plywood scrap found in a back warehouse, I was fascinated by the unique nature of this utilitarian wood. Unlike MDF or hardboard, each piece of plywood has a signature showing its life as a tree. Imprinted in the layers of the timber are the chaotic contortions of nature abstract and seemingly random patterns. This was the seed of my abstract exploration.
I used all sorts of stains and products for wood, highlighting the wood's flexibility in how it looks. Added oil paint on the last layers with tribal motifs.

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