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Stall Holder Application Form

Day in the Country has been an annual event since 1988. Proceeds raised on the day support the ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the Killabakh community hall and adjacent historic schoolhouse. We can expect to welcome 2000-3000 visitors through the gates. Killabakh day in the country showcases local producers, growers and artisans selling great value, products, produce and art and crafts, primarily from the MidCoast area.

We would like to in particular encourage stalls that are selling handmade and locally produced food and products to apply.


Fill in the form below to express your interest in being a stall holder at this year's Day in The Country. Your submission will be reviewed by the committee and if approved we will contact you with the next steps. If your submission is not successful, we will let you know. This may take several weeks so we thank you for your patience. 

The following application includes a complete terms and agreement that you must agree to in order to be successful in your application. If you would like to download a copy for your records you can do so by clicking here.

Stall Holder Agreement

​Prior to completing the stall information section please carefully read the below Terms & Conditions.


Stall Holder Agreement: 
  1. Only registered vendors, approved in accordance with event guidelines and code of conduct may sell their products on the day.

  2. DITC focuses on quality Crafts & homemade items preferably from local Artisans and producers. A full description of the type of goods you offer must be clearly stated on each application form. You can only sell what has been listed on your application form. You must notify us in writing if you wish to add new items to your stall.

  3. Raffle tickets may not be sold.

  4. Stallholders may only display flyers promoting their own business.

  5. Vendors shall only offer quality produce and products at all times-the event Coordinator/s have the authority to ask vendors to remove sub-standard produce, products or second-hand goods from sale on market day - with the exception of upcycled pieces and appropriate old wares.

  6. Only Killabakh Community Association food outlets are permitted to sell food and refreshments intended for consumption on site. All other food stuffs (with the exception of coffee/tea/chai) providers sold by vendors at the event must be wrapped and intended for consumption off-site.

  7. By submitting this application you agree to abide by the guidelines and code of conduct that will be emailed to you upon approval of your application.

Stall Fees​

Please select from the following stall options. Sites are all unpowered. Most of the sites are outside and require your own marquee. Some spaces are available inside the hall and allocation of these spaces will be determined according to the most appropriate layout for the event and contents of the stall. Assignment of spaces is always at the discretion of the event Coordinator/s. Vendors who have a history of regular participation will, where possible, be given a preference, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Cancellation & Refunds

If you cancel your attendance at the market with less than a week notice prior to the event or if you do not show up on the day you will forfeit your stall fee and no refunds will be given. If the event is cancelled by the Killabakh Community Association notice will be given as soon as possible and refunds will be provided.

Insurance Information
  • Stall holders are required to have their own insurance. Proof is required to complete your approval, submitting your insurance proof in this form will assist your application but is not a requirement at this stage.

  • All vendors at a stall are required to maintain a current up to date $20 million Public and Products Liability Insurance cover whilst trading at the event, and on the yearly renewal date a copy must be lodged with all new applications or forwarded the market coordinator/s via email ( for event records.

  • Killabakh Day in the Country organising committee and it's volunteers, accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to property, or injury to, or illness or the death of person or persons, howsoever caused, including from product/s sold.

  • Killabakh Day in the Country is not responsible for public and product liability insurance or for the collection and payment of sales tax (GST) for individual vendors.

  • Vendors must have appropriate public and/or product liability insurance ‘Certificate of Currency’ when reserving a site.

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Stall Information
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How we use your business bio and images

The bio, description and images of your products, stall and of business that you provided in your application will be used on the Day in the Country website and Facebook page to promote your business.

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Contact Information
Have you previously been a stall holder with us?
Business Information
General – Summary of Rules
  1. Vendors must complete all compulsory aspects of the application process including full application forms and insurance details. If all elements are not provided or completed, the Market Coordinators have the right to decline the application and the vendor will be unable to attend.

  2. Vendors must have copies of appropriate/essential insurance certificates, licenses, tags and permits available on the day in the event of an inspection

  3. All vendors will receive a site map the day before the event. Special placement requests will be considered but not guaranteed. Market Coordinators reserve the right to decline any special requests and stallholders will not dictate their stall placement.

  4. Any food vendors are expected to comply with Food Standards Australia rules and regulations

  5. Each Vendor is responsible for the safety of his or her own equipment, own products and is expected to maintain adequate product and public liability insurance.

  6. Each Vendor with electrical equipment must have it tested and tagged in accordance with regulations h) Each Vendor must provide the Market Coordinator with a current copy of insurance each year it renews 

  7. Vendors are expected to stay until the event closes for the day at 3pm

  8. All vendors and stall representatives are expected to treat everyone with respect. Any questions, concerns or feedback on the previous event are to be directed to the event Coordinator/s and not used publicly, online or on location to harm the brand and reputation of the event

  9. Any final decisions made by the event Coordinator/s will be respected and adhered to be all stallholders. Bullying, intimidation and harassment will not be tolerated in any form leading up to or during this event.

Thanks for your application. It will be reviewed by the committee and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

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