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I found it amazing, the other day, when I realized I have now lived at this address for 15 years.

It is the longest I have ever been at the one place.

And in those 15 years, life has happened.

I've lost my parents, had animals come and go, watch the planet come to grips with the Twin towers plane crashes, and seen terrorist activity become part of our daily news.

Yet with all of the grief and tragedy, joy has balanced my heart and come out on top.

I've lived in China, changed my career, welcomed my son and his wife into my home and seen my grandchildren born.

My property has changed from a land of grass, to a cornucopia of delights, with an orchard of fruit trees, and a vegetable patch that feeds us all. With the addition of chickens, cows and bees, our lives have been enriched with honey, and eggs, as well as milk, yoghurt and cream. My property has become my personal land of milk and honey!

I remember sitting on a rickety back verandah (before I extended the house) with my son and his intended just before they came up here to live.

"Aaah," sighed Gabrielle. "It is so quiet here!"

With that, three cars zoomed passed in quick succession.

My comment?

"Sorry! Rush hour!"

We all laughed.

Now, the traffic has increased tremendously. Killabakh has become a thriving and friendly community. At home, fencing has to be done, grass has to be mown and gardens and swales have to be dug. The cuckoo shrikes shriek, and the bulls in the adjoining properties call insistently to their females. With roosters crowing and grandchildren squealing, we wonder why we thought country life was quiet and relaxing.

And what's even better?

We don't ever want it to be any different!

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