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Day In The Country - 2 September 2023

A Celebration of Local Colour

Sponsorship Options

Killabakh wants you!

Killabakh’s Day in the Country is celebrating it’s 35th year!

The Killabakh Hall is the heart of our community and each year it bristles with excitement in anticipation for our annual fair day.


The last few years have been a bit iffy (thanks to COVID), so this year we are changing the format a little bit to highlight all our local area has to offer and promoting as many pillars of our community as possible. To this end, we are hoping to provide advertising opportunities, showcase arenas and demonstrations from local businesses alongside the creative arts that make our valley vibrant. This is where you come in.

To achieve our goal we need support in the form of sponsorship from local businesses. We need prizes to offer people entering the competitions as well as financial support and volunteers on the day. In return we have some awesome sponsorship packages to offer to

promote your business to our audience.


Plus, Killabakh Community Association is a registered NFP so donations are tax deductible.

Our Audience

Day in the Country typically has 2000-3000 visitors on the day, as well as a dedicated audience base of over 600 loyal followers on Facebook and an additional 360 local community members on our private group.

The Options on Offer

We need prizes to give to winners of the competition, supplies for the kitchen, media coverage, hay bales and seating, cold rooms, ice for the drinks, gazebos and tents - basically everything. Some of it we buy out of hall funds and some of it is generously donated by the community. This year we are also offering sponsorship packages for local businesses that can help out so we can sweeten the deal and support those that support us. Download the sponsorship package options by clicking here. Get in touch with to discuss options.

Option 1:

Provision of prizes valued $50-$100

You will get logo and backlink promotion from our website and a post on the Day in the Country social media pages.

Option 2:

Provision of prizes valued $100-$500

You will get everything from Option 1 + a promotional banner with a 100

character description on our website and inclusion in the emails.

Option 3:

Provision of prizes and donations over $500

You will get everything from options 1 & 2 as well as a thank you over the PA from the MC on the day and signage space on the relevant stall depending on the type of donation.

To apply to have a store in our farmers markets click here.
If you’re a keen bean email us at
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