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Volunteer Registrations

Fill in the form below to get your name on the list of helpers for Day In The Country. You can feel free to contact the section heads listed below or fill in the form and we will get in touch to help find a place for you to help that is suited to your skills, interests and what you might want to do on the day.

Section Details

Art Show Committee - Heather Scarr, Kathryn Warwick, Rose Bock, Milly Morgan

BBQ - Lee Kiernan

Book Stall - Trudy Alm

Bucket Donations - Peter Axisa

Kid's Zone - Emma Pennell & Katrina Hull

Entertainment Quarter - Deirdre Sutherland & Jodi Cooper

Ice-Creams/Drinks - Clare Boone

Killabakh Cafe - Nicolas McNeill

Kitchen - Teena Bailey

Landcare - Lucy Scope

Pie Stall - Michelle Swannack

Produce Stall - Julie Gibson

Tech Tent - Milly Morgan

Visitor Info & Merch - Judith Jackson

Event Photographer - Paul Brown

Day in the Country Committee for 2023:

Anna Axisa

Milly Morgan

Administrative Volunteers:
Drinks purchaser - 

Drinks restocker - Luke Pennell

Raffle Coordinator - Carol Saul

Marketing Coordinator - Milly Morgan

Treasurer - Brain Willey & Mike Gregory

Volunteer Coordinator - Sue Gregory

Groundskeeper - 

Parking Coordinator - 

Stall Coordinator - Anna Axisa

Contact Information
What sections do you prefer? Choose as many as you'd like

Thanks for your efforts in advance! We will be in touch with volunteer coordination information as soon as we can.

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