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Finding a Home - Maureen Larter

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As a Killabakhian, I have settled into this community with a feeling of ‘coming home’.

For years I struggled with finding a place to settle. I moved from Adelaide to Brisbane, I traveled from Brisbane through Perth to Carnarvon. I tried Gosford, Kempsey, Townsville and Mt Gambier.

In all the packing and unpacking, the North Coast of New South Wales kept beckoning me back. Murwillumbah, Grafton and finally Taree.

When I bought the property near Killabakh, it was like a sigh of relief.

Just what constitutes the feeling of home for you?

  • Is it a warm and loving relationship, and the walls around you are incidental?

  • Is it the friends you make that welcome you into the fold?

  • Is it a view out the window that you never tire of?

  • Is it the peace and quiet, where you can be yourself, in your own skin?

  • Is it the safety and contentment of a protective environment?

  • Is it just the feeling of being in the right place at the right time?

Whatever your reason for that wonderful feeling of belonging, I can honestly say I have it all in this part of Australia.

The ability to create a home, with animals, space and homegrown food around me is, for me, the best part of being alive. And Killabakh and its community have done that for me.

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Come along to the area and feel the beauty and the comfort. November sees one of the best days on the calendar – DAY in the COUNTRY, with its stalls and crafts and fine food. Come along to all the events throughout the year – this community is a busy and involved one - and meet the people whenever you can.

You’re most welcome.

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