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  • Maureen Larter

That wonderful feeling

Updated: Feb 16

You know that wonderful feeling when you go on holiday? Well the coming home is even better.

I went up to Ballina to see my daughter and her family over the silly season. One day is all it took for me to want to get home! I'm not saying I didn't love seeing my family, and, in fact, did some great shopping, fishing and eating at posh restaurants.

But I was out of routine, I didn't have my garden to walk around in, and I had nothing to do! Most people would welcome that - and I did - but not for long!

The joy of coming back home - to this beautiful part of the world - away from traffic, tourists and commercialism - was amazing. I spent the first hour touring my garden, saying hello to my animals, and revelling in the greenery.

And that was the day it was 42 in the shade here!

Killabakh community is also friendly and pro-active - and the bigger towns seem so much more isolated and lonely. So this week - back to craft group, back to the little produce market and back to the friends that call in for coffee.


I love home.

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