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Lemonade, Cordial and Limonada Recipes by Trudy Alm

Updated: Feb 16

Trudy Alm shares the following recipes:

When the limes and lemons are in season we store the excess by juicing and measuring 1.5 cups, 3 cups and 600ml into containers and then freezing them so there is enough for use right through the summer. The three easy recipes below are tried and true and very satisfying thirst quenchers. They are recipes that have been frequently requested so it seems appropriate to share them here on our blog site. Enjoy!


Sparkling home made lemonade uses a fermentation process, handed down from an Amish family friend.

1 gallon (8pints) water

2 cups white sugar (or honey)

2 tablespoons white vinegar

(ground mint leaves – an optional extra I’ve never tried)

1½ cups well-sieved lemon (or lime) juice

3-4 pieces of thinly pared rind

NB Double the quantities to make 11-12 x 750 ml bottles.

Dissolve the sugar in some hot water first in a large container then add the rest of the ingredients. Stir twice daily until the rind rises – about 3 days in warm weather – the longer it is left the fizzier the results.

Bottle and leave for 9 days. Screw caps on really tight.

DO NOT use square or oval or odd-shaped bottles, only round ones, or they may explode. Recycled PET bottles are made for the job if they have been immediately rinsed, dried and capped after use to avoid contamination.

It’s a good idea to have a dedicated bucket and having measured the level the first time, make a mark and thereafter you only have to fill it to the line. A nappy bucket is excellent; anything with a lid to keep the dust off. Sometimes it is necessary to stand the bucket on a stool that has its feet in pots of water to keep the ants out.

Raw sugar isn’t recommended as the colour isn’t good.

Good quality white wine vinegar does make a difference to the flavour.


6 x 750 ml bottles to fit large, tall saucepan

2 litres water

3kg white sugar

2 pints juice (well sieved)

Mix water and sugar together, heat gently until sugar dissolved.

Add strained juice. Stir.

Pour into sterilised bottles. Lightly cap, not tight. Make sure bottles and juice similar temperature (not too hot). Put into saucepan with cold or slightly warm water up to their necks. Bring to a simmer and then simmer for 20-30 minutes. Remove bottles. Tighten caps.

When cool, wash stickiness off outside of the bottles and label. Will keep indefinitely if the lids are a good seal.

This processing method can be applied to liquids (cordials or syrups) and also fruit in sugar syrup.

Limonada – !viva Mexico!

½ - 2/3 cup sugar

1 1/3 cup juice (lemon/lime)

4-5 cups water (or mineral water)

Add ½ cup sugar to juice and stir until dissolved.

Add water to desired strength, & more sugar (opt)

Alternatively, you can combine sugar and one cup water in a pan and dissolve it over a low heat. Then mix with juice and the rest of the water.

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